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The Cork Dragons Support Breast Cancer Research and the Pink Swim

What a fantastic morning we had as the mighty Cork Dragons went to Inch Bay in East Cork for the Pink Swim, all in support of National Breast Cancer Research.

The initial shock of the chilly water gave way to exhilaration as we embraced the cold and swam and splashed together for a great cause.

We couldn't have done it without our incredible lifeguards, Dylan Sandes and Rachel Barry, who ensured our safety in the water. And a massive shoutout to the driving force behind today, Rachel Horgan for kicking it all off and bringing us together for this fantastic cause.

It was a morning of laughter, support, and a shared sense of accomplishment in the face of the cold water challenge.

Let's keep the support coming for breast cancer research! #CorkDragons #PinkSwim #breastcancerresearch

Pink Swim

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